Joining the Faculty at Columbia University


In July 2023, I will be joining the Department of Chemical Engineering at Columbia University as a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering!

Cornell Sun

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An interview with the Cornell Daily Sun discussing  the use of social media to fight Covid-19 misinformation. 

Selected as 2021 G7 Summit "Vaccine Luminary"

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Selected as a Luminary at the 2021 G7 Global Vaccine Confidence Summit, with an interactive map celebrating the stories of experts around the world building trust in Covid-19 vaccines.

Publication in
Nature Communications

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Our paper describes, for the first time, the reprogramming of the bacterium Escherichia coli to produce the nutraceutical drug chondroitin sulfate.

Listed as one of 1,000 Inspiring Black Scientists

in America

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Named as a Rising Star in this list by Cell Press, aimed at dismantling the myth that outstanding Black scientists make up only a small percentage of the scientific community.