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Fall Diversity Dinner Series

Sharing my career path and journey through science with the Biomedical Engineering community at Cornell University, and answering questions from faculty, staff, and students.


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Should I Get the Vaxx?

A Q&A and open discussion on Covid-19 vaccines, explaining how the vaccines work and answering questions from the audience about vaccine-related concerns. 


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#LehweTakeAShott: Episode 1

Guest on the inaugural episode of the TRIBE Carnival series #LehweTakeAShott, discussing why vaccination is important and answering questions to help listeners to make informed decisions.


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Covid-19: Ask Me Anything

Panelist for the "Covid-19: Ask Me Anything" session of the Genome BC Annual Genomics Forum. The virtual event brought together scientists around the world for discussions on Covid-19.


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A Conversation with Lola Omolola

Facebook Health Policy Q&A

In partnership with Facebook's Health Policy Team, I did a Q&A around Covid-19 vaccines with Lola Omolola, a community leader and founder of the Female IN group on Facebook. 


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The 'B' in BAME Podcast

Covid-19 Vaccines: Fact From Fiction

A discussion about the truth behind Covid-19 vaccines and vaccine hesitancy within the Black community.


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NYU Womxn in STEM Summit 2021

Wellness & Success in STEM

NYU Tandon alumnae discussed our journeys through 2020 and other tumultuous times, and share with the student body how important wellness has been to our personal and professional triumphs.



A Conversation with David Oyelowo

Covid-19 Vaccine Q&A

A Q&A and Instagram takeover with English-American actor and producer David Oyelowo, where we discussed topics including Covid-19 safety and side-effects, vaccine hesitancy within the Black community, and how to vaccinate the world.  


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ACLT Talks About COVID-19 Vaccines

Panel Discussion and Q&A

ACLT (African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust) held an interactive webinar about hesitancy within the UK's Black community on taking COVID-19 vaccines, with an audience of over 800 online attendees and a mixed panel of verified Health Professionals, Patients, Media Newscasters, Faith leaders & other stakeholders.


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Black In Immunology Featured Speaker & Panelist

#BlackInImmuno Week!

A TEDx style talk about innovative technology in immunology. Black in Immuno is a platform created by a collective of Black immunologists and allies aimed at amplifying, celebrating and supporting Black voices in immunology.



TeaTube Discussion on Mentorship

The Value of Mentorship

This panel discussion on the value of mentorship is meant to provide an educational experience where panelists speak on the mentor and mentee relationship based on facts and their personal experiences.


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Proud to be La Horquetta

An interview highlighting my career journey and connection to my home community in Trinidad and Tobago, aimed at inspiring community members.

Cornell University Postdoc Spotlight

A spotlight interview conducted by the Cornell University Graduate School, where I discuss my research work and role with the United Nations as a Team Halo Guide.

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Named as a Rising Star in this list of 1000 Inspiring Black Scientists in America by Cell Press - aimed at dismantling the myth that outstanding Black scientists make up only a small percentage of the scientific community.

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CariScholar Mentor Profile

CariScholar mentors are some of the Caribbean's most prolific and accomplished academics and professionals. These individuals have committed their time to help Caribbean students navigate their careers.

  One Million Women in STEM

Role models sharing their stories to inspire the next generation and drive the creation of a more accessible future in STEM.

Black Women PhDs

Celebrating the accomplishments of Black Women with PhDs and current Doctoral students, to inspire more Black women to pursue advanced degrees.

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Represent 365

Our mission at REP365 is to spotlight Black science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) graduates from past to present - 365 days a year!

Advice for Current & Future PhDs

An interview with Discover PhDs about life during and after graduate school. Feel free to contact me with other questions about the PhD journey.

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Named a Cornell Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow

The Cornell Presidential Postdoctoral Fellows program offers significant independence and resources to top-tier postdoctoral researchers and scholars.

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   Class of 2020 Changemaker at RPI

RPI 's 2020 Changemakers share their research and efforts to positively impact society during their time at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

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