Keeping up with my physical fitness


Shot from a few fashion shows


Seeing the world


Trying new & old recipes





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#BlackInImmuno Week!

#BlackInImmuno Featured Speaker & Panelist

Black in Immuno is a platform created by a collective of Black immunologists and allies aimed at amplifying, celebrating and supporting Black voices in immunology.



The Value of Mentorship

TeaTube Discussion on Mentorship

This panel discussion on the value of mentorship is meant to provide an educational experience where panelists speak on the mentor and mentee relationship based on facts and their personal experiences.



Morning Show Interview

TTT Leaders of NOW

The Leaders of NOW is an engaging, inspirational and informative segment in the TTT (Trinidad & Tobago Television) NOW Morning Show. The segment serves as a platform to share the excellence of young people "Leading NOW" in their respective spheres.


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Discover PhDs Interview

Advice for Current & Future PhDs

Check out my interview with Discover PhDs about life during and after graduate school. Feel free to contact me with other questions about the PhD journey.

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RPI Changemaker Interview

Class of 2020 Changemaker at RPI

RPI 's 2020 Changemakers share their research and efforts to positively impact society during their time at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.


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CariScholar mentors are some of the Caribbean's most prolific and accomplished academics and professionals. These individuals have committed their time to help Caribbean students navigate their careers.

Black Women PhDs

Celebrating the accomplishments of Black Women with PhDs and current Doctoral students, to inspire more Black women to pursue advanced degrees.

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Represent 365

Our mission at REP365 is to spotlight Black science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) graduates from past to present - 365 days a year!

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Named a Cornell Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow

The Cornell Presidential Postdoctoral Fellows program was created to advance the exemplary academic stature and impactful research mission of Cornell University. The program offers significant independence and resources to top-tier postdoctoral researchers and scholars.

Hobbies & Interests


Workout progress via gym selfies

The only cardio I enjoy

Resistance bands for an extra challenge

How low can you go?

Weight training

The great outdoors

When I thought I could be a track & field star



Shots from various fashion shows

Pilar Scratch

Nayobaz MAVI Collection

Nayobaz MAVI Collection

Royal Jelly Harlem


Places I have been and things I have seen

USS Wisconsin BB-64 Battleship, Norfolk VA

Cross-country skiing, Lapland Lake NY

Eating fresh cocoa beans in Jamaica. This is where chocolate comes from!

A mural wall in Little Italy, San Francisco CA

Riding the London Underground

Enjoying coconut water in Trinidad

Ithaca Falls

Michelle Obama at the National Portrait Gallery, Washington DC

A sunset in Tobago

US Capitol, Washington DC

Walkers Wood, Jamaica

My old high school in Trinidad - St. Augustine Girls' High School

Maracas Bay Overlook, Trinidad

Riding the Roosevelt Island Tramway over the East River, New York

Pittsburgh, PA

Orlando, FL

A sunset in Jamaica

RPI's Campus in the Fall

Waterfront at Boston, MA

New York City

Maracas Bay, Trinidad

Visiting Howard University, Washington DC

Orlando, FL



Experimenting in the kitchen

Jamaican beef patties

Baked salmon, oven-fried chicken, macaroni pie, stewed lentils, steamed broccoli, and whole wheat hops bread

Jamaican breakfast with ackee and saltfish is my favorite

Chicken & mushroom pasta, collard greens, and baked chicken wings

Baking hops bread

Shepherd's pie

Pelau with potato salad and plantain

Pineapple chow

My attempt at the Trinidadian delicacy "doubles"

Braised oxtails, oven BBQ chicken, whole wheat rasta pasta, stewed red beans with pigtails, jasmine rice, and a whole wheat chocolate chip banana bread

Coconut sticky rice, turmeric chicken, green beans, and plantains

Blueberry muffins and oatmeal cookies

Mashed potatoes, fried chicken, creamy mushroom and broccoli, whole wheat loaf and banana bread

When a pizza craving hits

Oven work


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